Maternity Physio and Pelvic Health

Women`s Health Physiotherapy


Looking after you as a Woman


Pelvic Health Physiotherapy offers specialist assessment and rehabilitation for women who are experiencing symptoms such as leaking, painful sex, bladder and bowel issues or pelvic pain. Pelvic Health Physiotherapy aims to empower women to gain freedom from their pelvic health symptoms/concerns which are often preventing them from living the life they wish to live.


Looking after you in Pregnancy


Prenatal Physiotherapy is there for pregnancy related pain associated with conditions such as pelvic girdle and back pain. We use manual therapy, soft tissue techniques with plenty of advice and exercises to help you at home. So, there is no need to struggle on and put up with aches and pains” just because you`re pregnant”.


Prenatal Physiotherapy is also there for Pelvic Floor help – we can check how you are at activating them and relaxing them, so you can use them to your advantage during pregnancy and beyond. We can also give you advice on good positioning for labour and on early days recovery after caesarean or vaginal delivery.

Looking after you in the postnatal period


We are here to help after pregnancy (no matter how long ago that was!).

The Postnatal Check is a thorough assessment  of  your abdominal muscles, alignment and pelvic floor post delivery. We screen for any bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction too.

We also specialise in some of the common postnatal conditions such as diastasis, postnatal pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic floor dysfunction and incontinence . Pelvic floor problems can affect everyday life and dominate your day to day. We are here to help and empower you to prevent or overcome whatever issue is holding you back from living the life you want to live. Postnatal Physio is also great for women who want to return to exercise post-baby in a safe and effective way.

Niamh Burn is a registered Mummy MOT Practitioner