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What should my C scar feel like?

As part of the C section series, i asked Cecile (a remedial massage therapist @Fixlondon) some questions. Cecile has training and experience in scar massage/myofascial release and loves to help women post C section.

Q: What should a scar feel like several weeks after a C section?

A:The time it takes for a C section scar to heal varies from woman to woman.

The healing process can last anything between 6 weeks and 3 months and in this time you`re likely to experience all kinds of sensations. Sore and bruisey for a few days and weeks, it might also come with itchiness, numbness, tingliness, a sensation of restriction or pull.

It is not unusual for the numbness to last a few months depending on the type of c section technique the surgeon used. Some scars are quite flat, some are a little raised. It might feel lumpy, hard or solid. Each will be different. Most C section scars eventually heal into a faint line just above the pubic hair line.

Please note that in the first few weeks you should contact your midwife or GP straightaway if you develop a high temperature, if your wound becomes red swollen, painful or has a discharge, or if you feel generally unwell (presenting with an upset stomach for example).

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