Maternity Physio

Bump to Run Program

If you are a keen runner, want to get back out there but not sure when and how, then this is for you! It is really hard to know if your body is ready for running after you have had a baby- the Mummy MOT check and rehab sessions help us to make an educated decision together and have you there doing what you love, with no bothersome issues to worry about.

Who is it for?

Any mum who wants to run. You may be fresh from your delivery or your kids may be older and you have tried running again but it just doesn’t feel right (leaking, pain or other issues) -This is the reason the bump to run program now exists. OR maybe you are back to running but would like to take it to the next level, go faster or go longer.

What`s involved?

I have combined my musculoskeletal and pelvic health experience to ensure mums get a proper physical check of everything! via a Mummy MOT. Then we can put you on your individualised rehab path to get you back over 3 sessions. You will have a program to follow at home in between sessions which we will review and progress each time until you are there!

  • A 1 hour MOT session -a thorough history of your pregnancy and obstetric history as well as a physical check of your pelvic floor and abdominals and running muscles. Thats your baseline sorted- we can build on that.
  • 3 Rehab sessions to give you the specific advice and techniques that are going to get you ready to run
  • A guided strengthening and stability program to use at home.
  • A running assessment on threadmill or outside to make sure your alignment is right and you are getting the most out of each stride you take.

This will ensure your bump to run journey is smooth, safe and effective with no niggles, pain, prolapse or leaking!

*Please note there is no exact time frame for the bump to run program. Sometimes life with a baby/children can throw us a curveball and our body just doesn’t feel right for taking it to the next level. We can space out the sessions accordingly and in tune with what your postnatal body is ready for!

If you want to look into more info on getting back to running post birth than check out this article I previously penned – I`ve just had a baby, now when can I run?!