Maternity Physio

The Mummy MOT

A Mummy MOT is a must have for any mum who has been pregnant. Your body has been through some immeasurable changes in a short period of time. Pelvic Floor and Abdominal muscles have been stretched and childbirth places your body under immense physical strain. In France, they recognise that our bodies don’t just ping back after pregnancy and some help is required to place us on the right postnatal track. That’s why French women are entitled to up to 20 free sessions of women’s health physiotherapy in order to rehab their pelvic floor and abdominals. In the UK we are lucky to have a 5min chat with our GP, and then there is always Tena Lady down the line….vive le France!

So let`s have our own revolution and demand better mummy aftercare. You owe it to yourself (and your kids) to get mummy strong for the adventures ahead :)

The Mummy MOT system combines the practical principles of Physiotherapy assessment and the principles of functional retraining. In other words, it’s a thorough hands-on postnatal check. You will also be given your results to keep or take along on your next step of your ‘back to you’ journey.

How it works:

It begins with a Mummy MOT pre-screen to be completed before you attend with full medical and obstetric history. This is followed by the physical check of:

  • Alignment
  • Breathing
  • Tummy gap
  • C-scar check
  • Pelvic Floor
  • Core Muscle activation
Finally you will be given:
  • A bespoke postnatal recovery program that suits you day-to-day needs and personal goals
  • A safe and effective exercise program to address any issues identified in the physical check
  • Further advice on posture, lifting, use of buggy/sling
  • Pelvic floor rehab if required

The Mummy MOT happens at Project Me in Crouch End  N8 8JQ on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays, Just get in touch with Maternity Physio to book a slot!