Maternity Physio

Physiotherapy for Pregnancy Pain






What`s Involved?

We get a history with a pre-assessment screen before the physical exam

As an experienced clinician, I am trained to find problem areas through a thorough assessment. This involves looking at your posture when standing and lying. I can help change the way you use your body by creating awareness of the things that may be overloading your body in an incorrect way and giving you pain. I test for areas of weakness or over-activity, which may be causing an imbalance

Manual therapy can help to rectify the problem and correct an imbalance that may be present  You will then be given advice and techniques to practice which make the changes necessary to get you back to normal.

Treatment techniques can involve, soft tissue massage, gentle joint mobilisations, muscle energy techniques, acupuncture and taping.

Maternity Physio then provides you with a safe and effective program to regain function, strength  and reduce pain for the rest of your exciting journey, making you feel like you again!

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