Maternity Physio and Pelvic Health

Useful Equipment

Here are some of the most useful pieces of equipment to help you with your pregnancy or postnatal home program. Your program is specific to you and your particular needs and will be given to you during your session with Maternity Physio. This equipment may not be appropriate for you and everyone is different. It may make your condition worse by using the wrong piece of equipment so only purchase what has been recommended for you by Maternity Physio or appropriate health practitioner. This list is by no means definitive, just what I found I was recommending for clients to find themselves. You are welcome to click on them or shop around for alternatives.

Pregnancy Pelvic Support Belt

After your physiotherapy assessment, a pregnancy support pelvic belt or sacroiliac belt may be recommended. They can provide compression to sensitive pelvic joints in pregnancy and postnatal. They can also make standing and walking more comfortable. Only to be worn for standing and walking. Loosen or take off when sitting.



Sacroiliac Belt

A thinner more narrow version of above. Also provides compression to pelvic joints.





Resistance Band Loop Red=medium, Green=Heavy

Great for hip stability and pelvic strengthening. really versatile and can be used on lots of different positions/



Small Inflatable Pilates Ball

7inch diameter. Good for squeezing gently between your knees in sitting, lying down and used in bridges.




65cm Birthing/gym ball

Your new best friend, especially during the last few months of pregnancy. Its great to sit on. instead of slouching on the sofa- good for pelvic pain and back pain. Uses your core muscles and may help to achieve an optimum head down delivery position for baby . There are also lots of exercises you can do with it- given to you during your session, under the guidance of your physio

Foam Roller

Pleasure meets pain…You may be recommended a foam roller to release those troublesome tight areas. You will wonder how you ever managed without it!



Resistance Band with handles

Another cost effective piece of kit which can add some resistance training to your program – to build strength



Pelvic Floor Stimulation 

This little machine is designed to give your pelvic floor an extra boost whilst doing your regular pelvic floor exercises. The stimulation causes the pelvic floor to contract strongly thus helping to build strength each time. Good for particularly weak pelvic floors and prolapse. You will need to have your assessment first to see if this treatment is useful for you.


Pelvic floor Biofeedback device

Useful if you want some incentive to keep going. It is a useful way of measuring your pelvic floor strength and endurance as you go along.





A sterilising sanitiser for cleaning pessaries and probes. Alcohol free. Kills 99.9%bacteria




Contam reusable pessaries for stress urinary incontinence and vaginal wall support when needed. Tampon Like.

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Elvie Pelvic floor exerciser

For all you techies out there. This device connects to your smartphone via an app and bluetooth. It measures your squeeze and guides you through a strengthening program on your smartphone screen.

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Silicone Scar Sheet

Useful for flattening raised scars (keloid) after caesarean.



Kegel Weights

Good for building up pelvic floor strength and endurance in standing. So ideal for runners



Pjur Woman Glide Silicone Lubricant

Silicone based gentle Ph friendly lubricant. Compatible with latex condoms



Bee and Olive Intimate Cream 

Can be used as a lubricant or as a daily moisturiser. Made from olive oil and bees wax only. Its super natural and Ph friendly