Maternity Physio

What Mums say…

“I cannot recommend Niamh enough. She did wonders for my late pregnancy back pain – after several expensive complementary treatments had made it worse. Her evidence based approach using exercises, massage and posture correction tackled the cause of the problem rather than promising a quick fix – by my due date I was pain free. And all done within the comfort of my own home and at a very reasonable price! As a midwife myself I can assure you her practise is completely safe and appropriate for pregnancy.”
Alex, (midwife)N8

I saw Niamh for a Mummy MOT following the birth of my daughter and I would definitely recommend for every new Mum to have one!

Niamh performed a very thorough postnatal examination, which included checking posture, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. She was also really happy to answer any queries or concerns that I had.  After my appointment she followed up by e mailing videos and further advice.

As a midwife and new Mum I feel that every postnatal woman should have a Mummy MOT. It gave me reassurance to have a thorough examination and sound professional advice.

Deborah (midwife) N8

Niamh really saved my early weeks as a new mum. I had suffered from debilitating pelvic pain throughout pregnancy which lasted after giving birth. I had a lot of difficulty walking or pick up my baby. I already felt better after just one session with Niamh and the pain subsided and I regained my mobility within just a few sessions. Niamh was really flexible and understanding with timing, working around the baby’s schedule, and was really helpful gently guiding me through postnatal exercises. I cannot recommend her enough. Will miss her back massages too, which were such a blessing after long breastfeeding sessions!

Cecile, N10

“Niamh helped me immensely during my third pregnancy. I had suffered from pelvic girdle pain in my previous pregnancy and it started again even earlier, 24 weeks, and more severely this time. She was incredibly accommodating and arranged a home visit within 48 hours of me contacting her, even though it was four days before Christmas! After a couple of sessions my pain had almost completely resolved. I would highly recommend Niamh. She is warm, personable and clearly knows her craft as I have remained pain-free, despite now being 33 weeks pregnant.”

Anju, N8


“I am feeling loads better this week-almost no pain when walking.and just a little bit of discomfort in my lower back. I think you worked magic! Thank you so much.”

Rhiana, Highbury


“I`m feeling so much better, thank you! After you left it did`nt feel much different but a few hours later it did feel as if something had shifted. I was still in pain, but it felt much better. Then over the weekend the muscle healed and now I have hardly any pain”

K, N9


“I have been meaning to get in touch and let you know that I am completely pain-free thanks to your treatment and guidance. Hopefully I won`t need anymore treatment but I will definately recommend you to friends”

T, Southgate (c-section mum)


“My problem is much better almost completely gone so thanks for your help with that. I am now getting pain in my inner thighs and sides but find that your exercises do help”

Emilie, Wood Green

I saw you in November due to my pelvic girdle pain. Whatever you did worked wonders as the pain hugely reduced the day after! So thank you for that.

I literally could barely walk before I saw you, then when I woke the following day it was like magic! No pain at all! I’ve been suggesting that my friends see you not only to address pregnancy related ailments but also as a precautionary measure to nip any pregnancy related physiological problems in the bud!

Z, Wood Green

I just wanted to let you know I’ve seen a big improvement in the PGP pain in the last two weeks and am feeling much better 🙂

I did end up getting the belt for walking but have found the large bouncy ball and exercises have really helped. Thank you so much for your help.
Katherine, N4