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1 mums honest journey back to running postpartum

  If you are a keen runner and just about to have a baby or maybe you have had your baby a while ago but your journey back to running has been rocky, then I recommend reading this article by Erin Taylor, mum of 2, founder of Jasyoga, a runner and a client I have had the privilege of working alongside. Its safe to say we have leaned from each other. Thank you Erin! Check…

Mummy MOT pre-screen questionnaire

If you are attending a Mummy MOT, then please click on the link below to open the Mummy MOT pre-screen questionnaire. Enable editing and when complete, email it to This gives your Practitioner all of the relevant info needed and makes the MOT more efficient and bespoke to your postnatal needs. Many Thanks 🙂 MOT Pre-screen Questionnaire