Maternity Physio and Pelvic Health

Post Natal Exercises- The Early Days

  • Pelvic Floor Strengthening

In any position but you may like to lie on your back with knees bent at first. Practice trying to isolate this muscle. Inhale, exhale as you gently zip up and lift your pelvic floor (from back to front) and relax on the inhale. Repeat for 12 reps. Rest 1-2 mins, then try another set or until fatigue.  It important to allow the pelvic floor to fully relax in between contractions and at the end. (Tip: You can place your fingers on the perineum and try lifting up and away from these for some extra feedback.)

  • Pelvic tilts in lying

Lie on back. Exhale to zip up (as above) and tilt your pelvis (flattening your lower back into floor). Inhale as you release. 10 reps

  • Ball squeezes

Lie on back with legs slightly apart and knee bent. Place a ball between your knees. Inhale to prepare and exhale as you gently squeeze the ball with your knees. Try to gently zip up your pelvic floor (from back to front) as you squeeze, you may feel you lower tummy muscles engage too, which is fine. Hold for the exhale, then relax for the inhale. 10 reps

  • Bridging

Lie on you back with knees bent. Inhale to prepare, exhale and raise your pelvis up from the floor until your upper body and thigh bones are in a straight line and slowly lower. Repeat x10

Variation 1: you can keep the ball between your knees and give it a squeeze when you are up there.

Variation 2: Try doing 5 heel raises whilst up there

Variation 3: Try lowering halfway down as you relax the bum muscles, then re-squeeze them to lift up to full bridge and lower.

  • Mini Knee-lifts in 4 point kneeling

Hands and knees position. Neutral pelvis and straight back. Exhale as you zip up the pelvic floor and lift 1 knee up about 1cm at a time. Relax to lower the knee and repeat on other side. Try to maintain a steady pelvis. 10 reps