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4 Reasons to have a Mummy MOT

4 Reasons to have a Mummy MOT

1. Because you`re not sure if your body has recovered properly from birth

Your body has been through some immense changes in a short space of time, when it comes to pregnancy and delivery. So you may feel like you want to get checked out before you venture onwards.  You may be aware that French women have 10 sessions of pelvic floor rehab after giving birth, as standard! The usual UK 6 week check can often leave us needing more. If you are having pain when doing day-to-day tasks, or the c scar doesn’t feel quite right, or you`re unsure whether your abdominals have recovered , or you want to start exercising but you don’t know if  your pelvic floor will comply! then the MOT is for you. In short it’s a thorough postnatal check with sound advice and plenty of reassurance (just what new mums need).

2. Because you want to be strong again

Motherhood brings great joy as well as physical weakness! Abdominals and pelvic floor go through quite a lot of stretching during pregnancy so it`s normal to feel weak afterwards. The MOT will check out these muscles and give you safe program to get them working again without putting you at any risk from common postnatal conditions such as Diastasis recti or pelvic organ prolapse.

3. Because you want to be able to run/laugh/cough/sneeze without wetting yourself

“its no laughing matter” wetting yourself when you dance or go running is a sign that there is some dysfunction related to the pelvic floor. A pelvic floor that is tight can let you down, when you exercise as well as a pelvic floor that is loose. so, you may feel like you are doing kegels and not getting anywhere, that because it needs to relax! A pelvic floor examination during you MOT can find out what kind you have and  what the tone, strength and endurance is like. You will then be given a tailored approach to ensure yours is good to go, no matter what you want to do! Don’t let advertising by well-known incontinence wear normalise leakage, you deserve better than that. It is your right not to leak urine when you don’t want to. And you can do something about it -For real, forever.

4. Because other mums recommend it

Mums trust other mums- that’s so true. We are like the bush telegraph when it comes to recommending things that make our lives easier/better/more fun because at the end of the day we are in the same boat. So luckily the Mummy MOT has been tried and tested by other new mums (even midwife mums) who reckon it’s a good move.

“I saw Niamh for a Mummy MOT following the birth of my daughter and I would definitely recommend for every new Mum to have one! 

Niamh performed a very thorough postnatal examination, which included checking posture, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. She was also really happy to answer any queries or concerns that I had. 

After my appointment she followed up by e mailing videos and further advice. 

As a midwife and new Mum I feel that every postnatal woman should have a Mummy MOT. It gave me reassurance to have such a thorough examination and sound professional advice.” Deborah

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